Claire S├ębastien is the visionary founder and creator of the Wall of Geckos. Claire began her journey as a small child in the mountains of the Quebec Laurentians. Claire's mother cultivated an environment of natural living, utilizing only local ingredients from nature, making meals, household items, and natural remedies from plants and botanical, often driving to local farmer's markets to obtain what she could not grow herself. She was skeptical of pharmaceuticals, believing that they caused more long term damage than the short term gain that was applauded. She shared with her children and grandchildren all that she knew about plants and nature and they all embraced it willingly and lovingly. The family had a unique skill in communicating with all of the plants and trees in nature, and it was common to find Claire sending love and energy to help her plants grow. One would hear her speaking to them, and in many cases, Claire could differentiate the messages from nature based on the vibrations of each plant. Nature does indeed have the ability to communicate with us, and Claire grew up believing that everyone on the planet shared the same values and knowledge.

Her move to Ontario, proved more than a culture shock of just language barriers. It astounded her that people were so disconnected from nature, that they couldn't even name simple vegetables, and their diet consisted of limited sources from nature, relying heavily on preprocessed chemical laden foods.


Opening up to the universe, has allowed Claire to receive messages indicating that significant changes to the relationship we hold with the planet are required in order to preserve the landscape of our planet, and restore the balance between man and nature. One such message provided the blueprint to develop a collective group to make significant contributions to this mission and create The Wall of Geckos and The World of Geckos. Claire is now dedicating the rest of her life, skills and energies to making this world a better place to live and for all of us to stop the destruction of this world that hosts our humanity.