Buy A Pixel, Make a Difference!

Buying a pixel shows your commitment to be who you are: a Gecko and that you care for life on this planet! By being involved in "The Wall of Geckos", you will become part of a global movement towards healing our planet and creating a better world for future generations. Through it all, please keep in mind that together, we can achieve something grandiose!

Pixel Cube (40pixels X 40pixels)
C $4.99 each

The Wall of Geckos Purpose

The Wall of Geckos will be making frequent substantial donations to environmental and philanthropic projects – initiatives that are dedicated to restoring balance in nature and in our food supply. We will donate to human causes as well and volunteer with various organization and projects.

What You Get by Buying A Pixel

Each ‘cube’ is 40 pixels x 40 pixels and costs $4.99 (annually) and you may buy as many cubes as you want, depending on the size of your post. You may place your company’s logo, your photo, your family portrait, the cover of your book, your pet, your design, or your graffiti – the choice is yours. You may include your name, location, title, cause, and link to your website – or you may choose to remain anonymous.