How to post your message

by Lena
Jul 07, 2013

You can sign up for free.Just create a username and password than sign in. Post your message, it will not appear right away because it needs to be approved and release by one of our staff. This is to avoid anyone with other intentions than ours to post profanity, etc... Your message will be released by the following day. You can also upload videos of your project or any video you may wish to post. The only thing you can't do with a free account is vote on projects for the simple reason, that the projects donations are funded by the sale of pixels, if people vote on projects but didn't buy a pixel the vote could reach 100% without actually having any funds to pay for them.If you wish to buy a pixel, it is only $4.99 for a year, use your pixel profile to promote what you wish or to simply be part of this movement. You can use this web site and share it with as many as your friends as you wish without buying a pixel. The goal is to unite all of us, who aim to do good and to respect the planet. We hope to have an app soon, that will allow you to connect with other geckos in your area, if you need volunteer, material, tips and advice, notification of events etc...You may also want to follow our facebook page which we post really good stuff and news related to our

Gisele Arseneau Aug 24, 2013

Good Day to all on The Wall of Geckos. I am thrilled that I have been invited to join such a great bunch of people. I look forward to learning more about the projects that are in the works, and also about telling you about what I am working on. I have lived in the beautiful Hockley Valley for over 27 years with my husband,we have raised both of our girls here and now my granddaughter is being raised in this treasure of Ontario. I have worked in the corporate world since I was 17, I have seen many of things that have disturbed my inner being. So now I need to give back to the world, I need to create something that I can be proud of, and the people who have stood behind me can be proud of. My vision is to create a multi-generation Community Garden where volunteers would come out and do the work from tilling the soil, planting the seeds, tending and harvesting the produce that would go back into the community through the Food Banks in our area. This would bring together all generations, would be totally inclusive, and would benefit the community we live in. I have over 30 people on my volunteer roster ready to get out into the garden. The next step is to find some funding as the Town of Mono has asked that I find funding to get this project off the ground, and give them a reason to donate land for this project. I hope there are others on the Wall of Geckos who see this as a community project worth their time and perhaps some funding. Please feel free to contact me directly at I look forward to being an active participant of the Wall of Geckos. Gisele