Thinking outside the box to create a shipping container house

by Lena
Jul 15, 2013

We are announcing a special project that will reveal the transformation of a shipping container (ISO container)into a 320 square foot living space that is designed for living of the grid. The project will bring together skilled tradespeople who are passionate about living in a way that creates a minimal impact on the earth and are interested in creating affordable housing. The unit will be completely self-sufficient and integrated in symbiosis with nature providing a comfortable living space with very little impact on the planet. Built to harness the power of solar and wind energy, the house will use multiple green building methods all while being durable to handle any Canadian season. We want to demonstrate that it is possible to have a minimal impact on nature when people think "outside the box" to solve problems. The shipping container house will prove that affordable and sustainable can be built for a lot cheaper compared to the conventional way of building. The project is in need of skilled tradespeople and suppliers who will receive promotion through exchanging expertise and supplies for advertising or purchasing an advertorial. All involved will be featured in the book, "Out of the Box, living", which will document the transformation of the container and provide a comprehensive guide to sustainable living. We are also looking to feature some projects already built, that follow the "out of the box" philosophies, to be featured in the chapter "existing "out of the box" projects". Rather you have a tiny house on wheels, a tree house, boat house, con or straw house, we are looking for your story. If you wish to be part of this exciting project, pls contact us.

georgediner Jul 16, 2013

I am passionate in building sustainable habitats using alternative energy I have been working with shipping containers for the last three years, so please let me know if I can be of any help to you. you can see my page or Thank you