A Sad Story about Animal Habitat

by Erika
Aug 16, 2013

All our Geese are dead. Last night the Fox was able to climb over the fence and killed them all. He ate from three of them, the others were just killed. It seems that he could not take them with him, because he could not take them over the fence. We put the dead geese in a place where he can find them. You might not believe, that a fox climbs a fence, but my husband saw it once this spring. At that time the Fox had killed some chicken. My husband made the fence higher and put up an electric fence. The Fox is not to blame, it is us, the people, who intrude on his space and the habitat of his prey. Last fall, beside our property, we saw trucks and people who made a lot of noise. They cut down the shelterbelts in and around the fields. A lot of trees and bushes. My son told me it was not only here, but in other places in the County as well. I asked why ? Because they need more space for bigger machinery, bigger tractors, bigger combines, and for these big ugly vehicles that spray Pesticides , Herbicides and ROUND UP. The containers as big as our water cistern, but filled with POISON. Then they are planting GMO Crops. The animals, birds and insects loose the place to live and hide and we loose them as well, we see what is happening to the bees, butterflies and our songbirds. We have had animals killed three times since last fall. Chickens, rabbits, quail and now geese. The Animals are not to blame, we are taking the space which belonged to them, destroying their habitats and taking away their lively hood. Does anybody care? Here a article about shelterbelts in Alberta : http://www.albertaefp.com/n_magazine/mag_0801.php About animal habitat: http://www.discover-southern-ontario.com/Canadian-animals. html http://www.naturecanada.ca/endangered.asp Why do I know it is because of destroying the Habitat While still living in Germany , we had a house with a big garden, chickens and pigeons. At the end of our street was a property with trees, bushes and greens in the middle of town. The people liked to make a little park there with benches, but the town planning was to build condos and parking space underneath. The people signed petitions for the park, but this does not bring money. The digging and the building started and the people in our street saw a Weasel(Marder in Europe) sometimes in the evenings. Some cars did not start anymore, because an animal bit the cables of the cars. (I heard later that in other cities, where old houses and parks have been removed to build parking spaces and condos, the same thing happened. It got worse with the cars especially with Mercedes Benz. The company later replaced the plastic cables with another kind of cables.) One early morning I heard somebody crying: ”Murder - Murder”. I jumped out of the bed and outside I saw a mess. My neighbour had to leave her house 6 am to go to work and it was foggy and still dark. From our chicken and pigeons coop in our garden it was like a line of dead pigeons to the place where the digging for the new buildings took place. Thirty (30) of them killed. Everywhere feathers and blood. It took me a while to pick them all up. The same story: we had destroyed the habitat of this animal.

Lena Aug 27, 2013

Dear Erika, my heart goes out to you and your family. I am sad you lost your geese. I can tell you from experience, doesnt matter if a fox is hungry or not, it seems to always want to kill everything in is sight. I am not sure why, must be instinct, but often it is a waste as they can never carry all the animals they killed. You are right it is us that infringes on animal territory more and more. You know my gut feeling is that there is so much roundup near the fields near by your farm that mouses dont even go to these fields anymore and the fox as no more mouses to feed on. This is a problem not mention in the media yet, but I know it is happening.