• What Is a pixel?

    A pixel is a picture element used in digital imaging and generally thought of as the smallest single component of a digital image. The address of a pixel corresponds to its physical coordinates on your screen. The Wall of Gecko pixels are 40 pixels x 40 pixels or 1.4cm x 1.4cm. One pixel would give you a very tiny image, so we have created a template with 1600pixels per squares, we are still referring to the squares as Pixels but in fact each square is more than one pixel. The squares are what you embed your images on, on the wall.

  • How many pixels can I buy?

    You can buy as many pixels as you want, each one is $4.99 (one time fee. pixel remains on the website for life)

  • Can I donate money?

    You cannot donate money directly to The Wall of Geckos, but if you want to do more than just $4.99 all you have to do is buy more pixels. For example if someone wants to participate with an amount of $100, they would have to buy 20 pixels.If you wish to donate money to any organization, you may do so directly with the organization, or see the section in this web site for the links to organizations.

  • Why the name GECKOS?

    After writing about the Gecko Generation, the desire to unite all of us and to start changing the way we live, I was always thinking on how I could achieve such a thing. Than one day, after four years of being bullied by a politician, my desire to stop the atrocity on this planet and to change some human behaviours were even stronger. A friend of mine, showed me a pixel wall, which I had never heard of before. I think it is my profound desire that attracted the blueprint of this project. I simply woke up one day with the entire concept in my head. Wrote it down and that is what you see today in the wall of geckos.To find out more, please read the full verson of "The Gecko Generation; are you one of them?" published with Balboa press.

  • Why don’t you accept advertisement on "The Wall of Geckos"?

    To preserve the integrity of the Gecko concept and to protect our independence. We wouldn't want to allow companies that don’t have a gecko philosophy to promote their product or services just for the sake of money needed it to sustain The Wall of Geckos. However, anyone can buy a pixel, which can be used as a form of advertisement.If you want to advertise your products and you are a Eco-friendly company, we accept affiliate programs, once your product has been approved, so you can be featured in The Gecko Store.

  • Are you are a registered charity or a non-profit organization?

    We are happy to announce that we finally received our certificate for a non-profit. We believe that transparency is the key to the success of The Wall of Geckos. It was a lengthy and long process, while we were waiting to be approved for a non-profit, we kept our activities to a minimum and not promote the existence of the w.o.g (wall of geckos) as we did not want to collect money in the even of a refusal, since our goal is to truly be a non-profit that makes a difference! Now, that we have been accepted, we will begin to promote the existence of the pixel wall and start being active around the globe. You will see from your own eyes all the efforts made to re-establish balance in various area of our lives and the planet.

  • How often can I vote?

    You can issue one vote per campaign per pixel purchased. The Wall of geckos will feature three different projects, whenever possible. When one projects reaches it's target votes, the funds are paid to the campaign and will be removed and replaced by a new project, to be featured alongside the remaining two. This will begin a new campaign. We accept submission for new campaigns. Please see the "how to submit a campaign" for more information.

  • Why can't I vote?

    In order to vote for projects, you need to become a member by purchasing a pixel.

  • I see spelling errors in some of the profiles, why don"t you correct them?

    Since The Wall of Geckos is international the reality is that many people are not fluent in English, but they do their best to fill out their profile in English. We have no access to profiles on The Wall of geckos.

  • If I buy more than one pixel, how can I make my image into one big one instead of multiple image of the same pixel?

    If you want One image for your multiple pixels, you will have to take your original image and break it down into smaller pieces of the original image. You make a puzzle out of it. Then you load each piece of the puzzle and recreate the image. Our pixels are 40px wide by 40px high. Once the image is uploaded, you can re-size the image by clicking the bottom right of the box and dragging it. You can also move the box around to the desired position. The image snaps to a 40 X 40 grid so its a lot easier to align the pixels correctly.

  • Is there a limit to how many pixels I can buy?

    No there is not, just make sure there are enough available pixels where you want your image.

  • I have posted a comment on the Echo your Message section, but I don't see it there yet?

    All posts have to be approved to be released. This ensures that inappropriate messages like spam, or profanity not find it's way onto the board. If you do not see your post within 48 hours, please contact us.

  • What is The Wall of Geckos about?

    It is a One of a kind organisation that is committed to truly making positive changes happen in ALL areas of our planet needs.It will work to restore balance and stop the destruction of this planet. We will donate money to projects across a broad spectrum of organizations and individuals in all sorts of areas, countries and causes. This is a worldwide initiative that will require worldwide members to participate by either buying a pixel or by communicating to the geckos out there, ideas, news, discovery, suggestions, submit potential projects, etc...It is about giving also a vehicle to those who want to be part of these changes in all possible ways. In other words, a new tool of communication for those who want to express their ideas for change, or need a hand for projects in their area.

  • How do we know, what the money gathered in the wall, is used for or if any of this is real?

    Our Transparency Policy; At The Wall of Geckos, we are passionate about change and a better future for all humans living on this planet! We are going to set standard of full transparency so that you can see how our/your money is managed. You are part of the process to determine where the funds are going by placing your votes!The Wall of Geckos is committed to best practices of fundraising and administration cost of being 20%. As our overhead is relatively low, we hope to be able to reduce this to 10% once the initial investment of the website and scarce infrastructure are recouped. We are also hoping the new legislation in Canada (our operational location) overseeing Non-profits will not affect these numbers, if it does we will let you know. This allows you the knowledge that for each pixel sold, $3.99 goes directly towards making change. Want to have an idea how much is going out there? Every recipient of a donation will have their picture posted on the website with the full amount paid out listed. Check out the counter on the bottom of the page that is tracking how many pixels are sold and you have all the elements to figure everything out!

  • How can I get a sense of which cause and action The wall of Geckos has at heart?

    Visit our facebook page, and click on the top right "LIKE" so you can received notification of our daily post. We post things that are happening around the globe and that we feel something should be done about it. We try to avoid politics as our main focus is to help foster positive change on the planet. Our post will give you a good indication. We welcome you to join our twitter as well, this way you can post information as well.

  • How to submit a proposition for a campaign?

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