Lena Valiquette
A mystical place in Peru.
My vision is to create an online community that unites Geckos, providing a forum that allows them to share their common desires to re-establish balance in the world we share with nature, regardless of where they live.

This interactive site, will require feedback from the Gecko community to expand its spectrum of services and features to allow Geckos to forge strong alliances across the globe.

A universal movement can make significant changes for our future and the future for many more generations.
The globe is in a precarious state, and requires the Gecko’s attention now. Geckos believe in a universal mindset that eliminates borders, cultures, and religious boundaries. They believe in removing these barriers, and eliminating things like bullying to make a more open and peaceful world to live in. They also support and fund pro-active projects such as supporting food supply initiatives that eliminate the chemicals that cause all of our diseases, and empowering people that need it. They believe in taking action in re-establishing balance and reversing damages done to the planet.

Here is the means for you to connect together and exchange ideas, create friendships, find help, and support each other. The wall will allow you to do all these things, and allow you to get involved by voting on which projects you want us to support, and to submit suggestions and ideas. We have given you all the tools to do so.

For the longest time, I believed I couldn’t do anything to really change this world, as I am not Steve Jobs or Oprah, with millions to donate, than one day a little voice said to me," the limitations are in your head". Then another voice came louder, “As an individual you can’t do much but as a group you can.”

Shortly after, someone, repeated to me a quote by the great Walt Disney who said;" You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it requires people to make the dream a reality".

Walt Disney was a true visionary, and nature lover who developed a method to grow food without taking up space or using chemicals. I remember as a little girl, I was astounded when visiting his greenhouse. I saw lettuce, and many more vegetables, growing vertically like a curtain and I remember the rows and rows of these bountiful curtains, growing beautiful vegetables. He also, designed the tram that travels his resort without using fossil fuels, thereby eliminating pollution.

Eventually, this online community can be expanded to a centre that will welcome Geckos from around the world, to replenish their soul, mind and body and unite with great thinkers. A place that would provide knowledge, workshops, cooking class and more. The centre would also be an opportunity for those who wish to have a peaceful life and be in a sustainable lifestyle .

I hope to create a yearly convention that would gather Geckos from around the world to bring ideas, present eco-friendly innovations, brain storm on ideas and create projects. Find solutions to global problems and how to tackle the huge task of making this world a better place to live now and for generations to come.
Waterfall in Indonesia.

Machu Picchu, the lost city.