Send Us Your Ideas

You can also submit a project to be featured in the Current Projects list. Under the Current Projects list, you will find 3 featured projects that are currently underway throughout the world to make significant changes to the planet we all share.

There will also be projects or causes that might be looking for the hands on approach, as many geckos don't believe in blindly throwing money at challenges. Sometimes they actually get their hands dirty, and love creative solutions to challenges, as well as loving to give a hand.

For example: You may know of an elementary school that would like to have a garden for their cafeteria, or an eco-friendly playground. When change is required, money alone is not always the answer, maybe you know a project that needs volunteers along with funds. You don't have to have money to make change, you just need to know people... so submit the ideas to us, and let us connect your project to other geckos, who will be able to volunteer and we will help financially and physically!

The Volunteer bank will hold the contact information of volunteers who are interested in lending a helping hand to projects. Submit your information to be added to the list and your request for volunteers for a project here!