Show the world that you are a Gecko!

Now, what exactly is a Gecko? Well, a Gecko is the name I give to those who fit the profile of "The Gecko Generation", explained in my upcoming book "Healthy Lifestyle Makeover". You can also download your free e-book "The Gecko Generation" for complete details. The term Gecko is actually an acronym, with each letter encompassing some of their key characteristics.
  • G: Green, Grounded, Global, Gracious
  • E: Eco-friendly, Ecological, Energetic, Environmentalist, Enthusiastic
  • C: Chameleon, Concerned, Conscious of the fragility of the planet and their Carbon
         footprint, Community-oriented
  • K: Keen, Kind, “in the Know”, Knowledgeable
  • O: Organic, Orderly, Open mind, Optimistic, Off the grid
  • S: Self-sufficient, Smart, Savvy, Social media genius, Socially-connected

The Gecko Generation

The Gecko Generation includes people that are living a healthy lifestyle, or at least trying their best to do so. They are also living in harmony with nature, taking the planet’s health and future to heart and living in a way that is healing, rather than harmful.

Geckos are everywhere, from all races, countries and walks of life. There is no specific age group and they exist in every generation present on earth at this time. Future generations, however, will certainly have more of them than we do at present time.

The Wall of Geckos is a way to show the world that we exist, and in great numbers! The Wall aims to foster the global change that we need. Hopefully it will help to take a step towards unity and positive action! Society needs to start thinking for the long-term health of the planet and human population, and Geckos will be the ones to guide this ideological shift.
This is the Gecko who inspired Lena to name this generation "The Gecko Generation"

Be on the Wall of Geckos…and be part of a global change & history!

The Wall of Geckos will be making frequent substantial donations to environmental and philanthropic projects – initiatives that are dedicated to restoring balance in nature and in our food supply. We will donate to human causes as well and volunteer with various organization and projects. As organizers, we will post information about all fund-recipients, as well as give Geckos a chance to provide input and vote for eligible projects or to participate if they wish, in various projects. There will be ample opportunity for Geckos to connect with each other around the globe through the Wall of Geckos forum, as well as via our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

We are charging a nominal fee in order to preserve the integrity of the Gecko concept. Our vision is that the Wall of Geckos will be a clean and sincere statement, showcasing inspirations from Geckos around the world and fostering unity to make a positive difference. We have chosen not to sell advertising space on the website in order to avoid the potential of promoting companies that do not embody the Gecko message.

Buy A Pixel

Join Now!

Don’t wait! This is a rare opportunity to show the world that you are a Gecko. Be on the Wall of Geckos… and tell your friends! Buying a pixel cube is your participation to this movement who will make frequent substantial donations to the organization you voted. Your pixel cube is also your membership for this worldwide community. Each Pixel Cube (40 pixels x 40 pixels in size) costs $4.99 (annually) and you may buy as many pixels as you want, depending on the size of your post. You may place your company’s logo, your photo, your family portrait, the cover of your book, your pet, your design, or your graffiti – the choice is yours. You may include your name, location, title, cause, and link to your website – or you may choose to remain anonymous. Buying a pixel shows your commitment to be who you are: a Gecko and that you care for life on this planet! In addition each participating Gecko will have the opportunity to purchase the Healthy Lifestyle Makeover e-book at a special discounted price.

Please visit the Wall as often as you like – find out what other Geckos are doing… in your neighborhood, your province/state, your country and around the world! In turn, we will keep you updated on the actions we are taking, both as" The Wall of Geckos" overseers and through "The World of Geckos" initiative. By being involved in "The Wall of Geckos", you will become part of a global movement towards healing our planet and creating a better world for future generations. Through it all, please keep in mind that together, we can achieve something grandiose!

This service may not be used to transmit material, links or references to material which is; unlawful, hateful, offensive, vulgar, abusive, defamatory, obscene or sexually explicit, promotes self harm is intended to harass, stalk, intimidate, threaten, victimize, deceive, degrade, embarrass, cause distress or discomfort contains direct threats of violence or depicts violence gratuitously promotes any dangerous or illegal activity contains or solicits personal information infringes anyone else's intellectual property rights violates proprietary rights of any person impersonates or represents another person is otherwise deemed inappropriate by
Wild dolphin in Bali, Indonesia.

Thermal water bath in Bali, Indonesia.