What is the ‘Pixel Wall’?

The pixel wall is a combination of many peoples efforts! This is how you become a part of something larger! You can buy a “pixel” and have the opportunity to get involved and take action as you automatically become part of the Gecko Community and your contribution to The Movement.

The Pixel Wall is the place for you to show the world who you are, your business, your passion or whatever you wish to share with the world. Your 40px x 40px square is yours to feature what you want along our guidelines. You will be able to connect worldwide with other like minded people. The wall was inaugurated in February 2012, with the commitment to begin this change. Come back often and witness the changes and spread the word!

To be part of the journey all you need to do is buy one or more pixels, and spread the word, and you are already making a difference! The more people that buy pixels, and support the movement, the faster change will occur! The funds gathered through the pixel wall is our only source of funding to finance the causes.

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